Helldivers Division

Freedom. Peace. Democracy.

Enlist in the AOD Helldivers and join the fight for freedom across a hostile galaxy. We are a casual gaming group, and we accept players of all skill ranges. We don’t require meta builds or force a certain playstyle. We only ask two things: respect for your fellow Helldivers and have a good time gaming together. We endeavor to create a true community environment of good sportsmanship and absolute fun.

Helldiver Scouts

Our veteran Helldivers are here to assist your climb to Skull Admiral. Need help with Helldive difficulty missions? We got your back! Running low on Super Samples? We’ll show you where they are and help you extract with full Democracy! Need to find the bathroom on your Super Destroyer? Our highly trained AOD Helldiver Scouts are here to help you spread LIBER-TEA!

Death From Above

Don’t waste any more time gaming with random cannon fodder. Join the AOD Helldivers and you’ll always have voice comms and coordinated strategy with your squad. Never fight alone. Become the ultimate dispenser of Freedom!

Apply to division

In order to be eligible for membership in the Helldivers division, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a microphone and be in TeamSpeak whenever you are playing
  • Be active and engaged to maintain your membership
  • Have a Discord account and join our Discord server
  • Be a fan of extreme meme activity and gif wars
  • Pants are optional. Liber-tea is mandatory

1. Create Account 2. Apply for division